All our French resources are managed into four different categories. They include both

American and UK spelling alternatives as well as being proofread by our native editors so

as to ensure they make a positive contribution to any learning environment (see below):

  • Whole lessons are a general category and can be used with whichever year group teachers or parents deem appropriate.  They are typically made up of an interactive power point show which features a traditional song or story, activities, a translation fairy and native voice sound files.  A step by step lesson plan provides further fun suggestions which teachers can use to engage learners. There is also a complete transcript of the lesson in French and English, together with a vocabulary so as to aid teachers in their understanding.  Finally, whole lesson packs also include an A4 colour/color illustrated pupil learning mat; a three task, differentiated black and white illustrated worksheet and an A4/A5 flash/boom card pdf of key language and images.
  • Whole units (essential range) comprise of six lessons  with an interactive power point for each lesson objective.  As with whole lessons above, lesson units are similarly packed with native voice files, games, a translation fairy and learning activities.  Every unit features one song/rap and a story or non-fiction component.  Units also come with a complete transcript of every power point show in French and English together with a vocabulary so as to aid teachers in their understanding and step by step lesson plans for every objective.  Each unit boasts a further modern foreign language overview detailing all the unit themes, key language and learning objectives for the year group, so as to facilitate planning.
  • Whole units (premium range) comprise everything that can be found in the corresponding essential unit with the addition of a pupil workbook, an illustrated A4/colour/color learning mat, and an A4/A5 flash/boom card pdf of all the images and key language in the unit.  There is also an A3 poster pdf with some of the A4 images and grammar reminders. Premium units are best suited to schools because they come with a site licence which permits them to upload the resources to internal school servers being accessed by all the teaching staff.
  • Workbooks, supplied with premium units, are available separately.  They comprise six three task differentiated worksheets, one for each learning objective in the corresponding essential unit so as to support children with both their reading and writing in the foreign language.
  • Classroom resources, included with premium units, are also available separately and similarly correspond to the appropriate essential unit.  The illustrated A4 colour/color learning mat may be laminated so as to help children with vocabulary and language structures.  The class display includes both the A4/A5 flash/boom card pdf as well as the A3 poster pdf which provides additional display and lesson delivery options.

Whole Units