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Click on any of our KS2/Grade 2+ products to see a stunning preview. Download the first lesson from our Level 1/2 KS2/Grade 2 + provision in French or Spanish for FREE.
For a closer look at the nature of the progression in both French and Spanish, through our primary/elementary modern foreign language scheme, download our FREE French and Spanish Unit Guide, for levels 1 and 2. Contact us to own a FREE site licence copy of our Level 1 Autumn 1 “About Ourselves” unit in either French or Spanish.

Spanish Greetings Ks2 Ks2 French greetings Months of the year in Spanish Ks2 Months of the year in French Ks2 French KS2 and Spanish Ks2

Our online KS2 French & Spanish media download resources. Our unique scheme is not only dedicated to empowering classroom teachers, teaching assistants, parents and home educators learn either French or Spanish alongside their children in the 7-11 age range. It is also dedicated to ensuring that units support the teaching of both core and foundation subjects throughout the KS2 curriculum. Everything you need lesson by lesson. Enjoy!