We are happy to come onsite to work with schools in the local UK, West Midlands area, to deliver primary language experience workshops. We typically find the following programme works quite well.

Welcome to Five Plus Solutions – Multilingual Days

Year 3 French or Spanish:

This workshop includes greetings, asking and answering questions about your name and the items you would find in a typical school bag.

Year 4 Italian:

This workshop includes greetings; asking and answering questions about your name; weather phrases and asking about the weather.

Year 5 Russian:

This includes greetings; how to say your name; an introduction to Cyrillic; presenting friends with Russian names and how to refer to some family members.

Year 6 Mandarin:

This workshop includes common greetings, asking and answering questions about your name, an introduction to reading and writing characters through identifying natural features such as sun, moon, tree etc.

“An excellent work scheme”

C Jobling Executive Head
Featherstone Academy

"I went round all the teachers after you left and they thought the resources and power points were great and very useful ”

A Walsh Executive Head
Coughton Cof E Primary School

"Great resources. This has revolutionized my primary Spanish lessons! The children love the fun power points, songs, raps, worksheets and learning activities. Sound is included so the children get to hear native speakers. Fabuloso! "

Spanish Teacher