All our resources include alternative US and UK spelling versions where appropriate.

Whole Lessons are lessons with an added sparkle which make specific links to other subject areas.  They are designed to operate more as discovery learning workshops engaging children in hands-on activities. Ideal for teachers/parents looking for something creative.

Whole Lesson Units in our Essential range comprise five interactive power point shows, one for every day of the week. Learning objectives build progression through key areas such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading comprehension and writing activities. Units come with detailed step by step lesson plans which support both teachers and parents with the presentation of the learning objectives.

Whole Lesson Units in our Premium range  include everything supplied in our Essential range with the added bonus of both differentiated work cards and workbooks which provide children with an opportunity to explore their learning both in and outside their class lesson.  Workbooks further include a week summary homework worksheet.  There is also an A3 and A4 pdf containing colourful/colorful examples of everything contained in the power point shows which parents and teachers may display in their learning environment.

Workbooks, included in our Premium range are available separately. They boast five three task differentiated worksheets which directly relate to the English disciplines  and objectives explored in the corresponding English Essential unit. There is also a sixth, similarly differentiated, homework sheet.

Classroom resources such as the A4 and A3 display pdfs and differentiated lesson work cards, included with our premium range, are also available separately. These resources similarly correspond to the appropriate Essential unit. They seek to provide additional activities and support to both the daily English lesson and to the learning environment.