We recognise and provide inexpensive, general, one-to-one training, online over skype, to Modern Foreign Language Coordinators or teachers, to enable them to support colleagues in delivering whichever platform language the school has selected. This includes how to develop appropriate work schemes, methodology and practice.

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We further recognise that teachers, HLTAs or home educators may lack the necessary confidence to deliver our “Learn as you teach” primary resources in French. To support teachers, assistants and home educators, we have devised online, one-to-one primary training programmes, designed to walk teachers and assistants through each unit, clearing up any presentation or language questions they may have.


We understand that not all teachers, assistants or home educators maybe proficient in Spanish. To this end we have devised very supportive, inexpensive, one to one, online primary training programmes, to help both teachers, assistants and home educators to fully benefit from using our “Learn as you teach” primary Spanish resources.

“An excellent work scheme”

C Jobling Executive Head
Featherstone Academy

"I went round all the teachers after you left and they thought the resources and power points were great and very useful ”

A Walsh Executive Head
Coughton Cof E Primary School

"Great resources. This has revolutionized my primary Spanish lessons! The children love the fun power points, songs, raps, worksheets and learning activities. Sound is included so the children get to hear native speakers. Fabuloso! "

Spanish Teacher