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Teaching Resources for Primary KS2 French & Spanish (Age 7+)

Our "Learn as you teach", very comprehensive, resource packages empower non-specialist primary class teachers, teaching assistants and home educators to confidently teach French and Spanish from year 3 through to year 6. Our curriculum has been designed by experts with decades of experience in the development, implementation and teaching of Primary Modern Foreign Language programmes. Read Sandra's story here to find out more about what it was like for an HLTA with no French, working with us. Read our reviews here from Executive Head Teachers, primary class teachers, and modern foreign languages primary coordinators.

As teachers ourselves, we understand how busy a teacher’s life can be. We support lesson by lesson, everything you need, when you need it, at your fingertips. How? Check out our FAQs here and get a FREE model primary language policy.

​​​​​​Our Units
Each themed unit , repeated for each year group, progressively builds on the previous topic, providing vertical progression across topics, up through each year group in KS2. Grammar structures and vocabulary learned earlier in each year provide a seamless horizontal learning experience, from topic to topic, throughout the year. Our teaching plans are carefully structured to comply with the new MFL National Curriculum providing a secure language journey from KS2/3, viable progression links with secondary partners, and later GCSE foreign language studies:
Autumn 1
“About Ourselves”
Autumn 2
“School Life”
Spring 1
“Home & Family”
Spring 2
“Out & About”
Summer 1
“Holidays & Leisure”
Summer 2
“Wider World

What Does Each Unit Contain?

Each unit has a full collection of teaching resources needed to deliver a stunning KS2 French or Spanish curriculum, including:

Unit Overview

The package contains a detailed overview of the unit, outlining lesson objectives, and key language information for every class. To give you a better sense of our content, the overviews for our units are each contained in our FREE lesson packs which are currently available here.

Interactive Powerpoints

Each unit includes six interactive powerpoint shows, one for every lesson or learning objective. These presentations include a range of fun listening, reading, speaking, writing and grammar activities that support the four key language skills and New Curriculum emphasis on grammar.

High-Quality Audio, Songs and Games

The powerpoints are also filled with audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing important phrases and vocabulary, bespoke traditional music, songs, raps and a range of exciting whole-class games. The language-learning games include jigsaw, Pictionary, lotto, quizzes and much more.

Classroom Materials

Units include a full-colour classroom display pdf in A4 and A5 format that depicts all the grammar from the classes for classroom display and flashcard purposes. Every unit also contains an illustrated full colour pupil learning mat which details the unit’s vocabulary and grammar on between 1-2 sides of A4.

Lesson Plans

Our succinct plans walk teachers through each lesson screen-by-screen and include a variety of suggestions for class presentation. These include oral games, language and grammar notes, as well as a plain speak vocabulary for all the phrases, pronunciation and grammar concepts in the unit.

Pupil Workbooks

One black and white copiable and illustrated pupil workbook in A3 format, which can be folded to an A4 booklet or single A4 sheets. These workbooks have a worksheet for each learning objective. The worksheets contain three differentiated tasks with a “smiley face” pupil self-evaluation sheet and space for teacher comments.

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