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We believe that children should be able to learn and enjoy a foreign language from a young age. With decades of experience, both at the chalkface and in the implementation of Primary Modern Language curricula, we also understand the challenges that come with teaching foreign languages. We hope to spread the joy of modern foreign languages curriculum learning to teachers and students throughout the UK, by providing Primary classroom resources that are both comprehensive and easy to follow.

Our Team


Suzanne Webster

Suzanne is the founder, Primary Modern Language Consultant, and Author of all Primary teaching resources at Learn as You Teach. Her passion for supporting educators and teachers comes from years of experience both in the classroom and in designing and implementing foreign language curricula.

After graduating from the University of Sheffield in French and Italian, Suzanne went on to gain qualifications in both Spanish and Mandarin. Her love of, and talent for, languages led her to a career in translating and interpreting. After completing multiple rigorous assessments and oral tests, she became a member of the Institute of Linguists, as well as an Associate of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters. She later passed exams with OCR that qualified her to oversee and write items on their foreign language examinations.

Suzanne also has an extensive background in education, having worked as a class teacher, modern foreign language coordinator, at various primary schools throughout the UK. Through working for the local authority as a Primary Modern Language Teaching and Learning Consultant, she was able to help schools throughout the borough with the design and implementation of effective modern language curricula. This role also involved liaising with and training various primary class teachers. From speaking to all these teachers, assistants and parents, and hearing their frustrations, she realised the need for a comprehensive, trustworthy solution to KS2 modern foreign language education.

With over 25 years of experience in teaching modern foreign languages, developing curricula, and training educators, Suzanne set out to create the most effective, comprehensive resource packages for KS2 teachers. After the overwhelmingly positive response from both teachers and schools, she founded Five Plus Solutions to share these resources with teachers, parents, home educators and teaching assistants throughout the UK.

Sally Arnold

Sally is the Training and Marketing Support Manager for Five Plus Solutions Ltd.

As well as working with Five Plus Solutions, Sally also teaches French and Spanish at Woodrush School. She graduated from Birmingham City University in Education Studies, writing her thesis on the implementation of modern languages in KS2.

Sally started out supporting parents and small children with play schemes before joining forces with Suzanne to run extra-curricular clubs in French and Spanish. She loves using her experience to train and support other teachers, giving them the confidence they need to teach a foreign language.


Literacy led Modern Foreign Language (MFL) learning

Whilst still working for the Local Education authority as the Primary Modern Foreign Language teaching and learning consultant, Suzanne came up with the moniker “Literacy Led MFL learning”, as she saw the need for primary MFL learning to not only link to but have an impact upon the core literacy programme being taught in schools. She came up with a primary school teaching project which sought to deliver part of the then National Strategies Literacy units for Year 3 “ Adventure and Mystery” and Year 5 “Instructions” in both French and Spanish. The aim was to use the primary modern foreign language lessons to enable children to access two pieces of text in the foreign language one fiction (a story for year 3) and one non-fiction (ICT instructions for year 5) which could then be used as a basis for teaching a portion of the literacy learning content from the above national strategies units. Funding for the ideas was secured from Links into Languages and Suzanne became the project leader. The teaching resources from the project are free and can still be found on the TES website by searching for the project name. Enjoy!
Closing the Gap – St Alphege Junior School, Solihull

In the wake of the “Literacy led MFL learning” project Suzanne and Sally, again whilst still working for the Local Education Authority, were asked by the then executive head, Jo Slough, to come up with a highly creative primary MFL teaching project for “closing the gap” between reading and writing in year 4 and year 6. Suzanne has always stated that this was one of the hardest briefs, as the Primary MFL teaching and learning consultant for the local authority, that she has ever received and was much indebted to Sally for key insights into how that project might be brought about effectively. Here is some video of Jo explaining about what went on, in front of a display of some independent Year 4 French writing produced as a result of Suzanne’s work with both children and teachers, about different story characters. Some of the ideas she explored at that time now form the basis of the Five plus solutions “Learn as you teach” Year 5 About Ourselves unit.