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Level 1 Primary French Unit – School Life: Instructions, numbers, classroom items, answering the register and time on the hour.

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This Spanish Vocabulary Learning Mat bursts with vocabulary and key structure support for children in the 7+ age range. Ideal for busy parents and teachers who want to teach Spanish. A great, table-top, resource for children to reach for whilst learning.

Learning Mat themes fully cover the structures and vocabulary in the Level 1, Essential, About Ourselves, Spanish unit and workbook. They actively follow behind and support the objectives for the unit and workbook, which include:

1. Introduce ourselves;
2. Describe ourselves;
3. Say how you are;
4. Say favourite colours;
4. Say favorite colors;
5. Say your age up to 12;
6. Ask Questions.

Colour/color illustrations as well as English provide a valuable reference point for the scaffolded and gap-filling sentence activities used to support both reading and writing. There is also a UK and a US spelling version of the Spanish Vocabulary Learning Mat, so children can use the English spelling that is right for them. Last but not least, the mat places key vocabulary and learning structures in the hands of children, which aids classroom management and teacher time.

A plain speak Spanish/English vocabulary with grammar notes also features as part of the resource, providing further support for both teachers and parents.

Finally, our native editors proofread all our language materials, making our resources a trustworthy source for your learning environment.

Why not also buy the accompanying Level 1, Essential, Spanish, About Ourselves Unit, with a PowerPoint Show for every objective in the unit, together with the accompanying pupil workbook? The unit has a complete range of interactive activities, native speaker sound files, songs, raps, games, and step by step practical lesson plans?

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