Spanish Class Display – Year 1/Kindergarten


Beautifully illustrated Spanish flash/boom card and poster set for the age 5+ age range.


The Spanish Classroom Display Resources burst with colourful/colorful vocabulary support for children in the 5+ age range. Ideal for busy parents and teachers who want to add sparkle to their classroom or home learning environment.

Poster and flashcard resources cover structures and vocabulary in the Level A, Essential, Me & Myself Spanish unit and include 2 PDFs: one 19 page A3 poster set and one 34 A4 page flashcard/boom card set. Resources relate to the learning objectives for the unit so as to ensure support for every learning step.

  1. Greet and say what we speak.
  2. Say our name.
  3. Say more about ourselves.
  4. Talk to others.
  5. Learn some colours/colors.
  6. Learn some letters and sounds.
  7. Understand a story.

Colour/color illustrations, as well as English, provide a reference point for gap-filling and scaffolded sentence activities, which are key to helping children write in Spanish. Care has also been taken to ensure that both UK and US spelling have been accommodated, so children can use the spelling that is right for them. Last but not least, the Spanish Classroom Display Resources, place key vocabulary and structures, on the walls of the learning environment. Strategies which maximise learning access.

Finally, our native editors proofread all our language materials, making our resources a trustworthy source for your learning environment.

Why not also buy the accompanying Level A, Essential, Spanish, Me & Myself Unit, with a PowerPoint Show for every objective in the unit, together with the accompanying pupil workbook and learning mat? The unit has a range of interactive activities, native speaker sound files, a song, a rap, a game, and step by step practical lesson plans?

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