Primary Essential French Unit – About Ourselves


Year 3+/Grade 2+ Primary About Ourselves French Unit: 7 interactive power point shows with native speaker sound files, songs, raps, games; detailed lesson plans with suggestions for additional activities; and an overview of all the units for the level/year with objectives and key language.


This primary essential French unit bursts with activities for children in the 7+ age range. Ideal for busy parents and teachers who are eager to teach French and who are looking for great presentations to help them!

About Ourselves themes present in manageable learning objectives, which plot progression through the topic:

1. To introduce ourselves;
2. To describe Ourselves;
3. To say how you are;
4. UK: To say your favourite colour;
4. US: To say your favorite color;
5. To say your age up to 12;
6. To ask questions;
7. To give personal information.

Presentations contain not just engaging starters and plenaries but three varied teaching slides which guide learners through the objective. Animated gap-filling, listening and matching activities, scaffold phrases and sentences. Each presentation, one for every learning objective, comes with a wealth of different native speaker sound files, so that children can benefit from listening practice. Last but not least, songs, games and music raps provide an opportunity for everyone to play with and enjoy their language learning.

The primary essential French unit also features detailed plans which lead you through every lesson. Transcripts, grammar notes, answers and a vocabulary add to resources so you always know where you are with the language.

Finally, our native editors proofread all our language materials, making our resources a trustworthy source for your learning environment.

Why not also buy the accompanying Level 1 French, About Ourselves Workbook, which has worksheet for every objective? It also has three varied, differentiated, fun activities per worksheet, with word banks, which support the development of writing skills.

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