This KS2 French: Year 4 Essential unit – Home & Family features six interactive power point shows with a range of native speakers, a pet song, verb raps, story, game and a wealth of supporting listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.


Are you looking for fun and engaging French activities for children aged 8+? Look no further than our KS2 French: Year 4 Essential Unit – Home & Family with strong links to Science! Busy parents and teachers who are eager to teach French will love our great presentations that help them save time and effort.

Our themes are presented in manageable learning objectives that plot progression through the topic. In this unit, children will learn:

  1. To identify pets.
  2. To say what pets we have.
  3. To say what pets we like.
  4. To say what food pets prefer.
  5. To classify pets.
  6. To talk about pets.

Our presentations are designed to make learning French fun and engaging for children aged 8+. Each presentation contains three varied teaching slides that guide learners through the objective. We use animated gap-filling, listening and matching activities, scaffold phrases and sentences to help children learn. Each presentation comes with a wealth of different native speaker sound files so that children can benefit from listening practice. We also have a special “Translation Fairy” animation that toggles between English and French to help clarify some key structures.

Last but not least, we provide an animal song, game and music rap so there is an opportunity for everyone to play with and enjoy their language learning.

Our KS2 French: Year 4 Essential Unit – Home & Family is designed to make learning French easy and fun for everyone. Our detailed Lesson Plans lead you through every lesson so that you can stay on track with your language learning. We also provide Transcripts of the PowerPoint Shows with English and answers, a Grammar Guidance and a plain- speak French/English Vocabulary to provide additional planning support.

Finally, we take pride in our native editors who proofread all our language materials. This makes our resources a trustworthy source for your learning environment.

Looking for more French learning resources? Why not buy the accompanying French Workbook? It has a worksheet for every objective and three varied, differentiated, fun activities per worksheet with word banks that support the development of writing skills. We also have a beautifully illustrated, A4 (letter-size), vocabulary Learning Mat along with Class Display (flash/boom cards) available to add those extra finishing touches to a comprehensive and supportive learning environment.

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