Primary French Workbook – About Ourselves


Level 2, Primary French Workbook – About Ourselves: 7 black and white illustrated, copiable worksheets with 3 differentiated tasks.  Each learning objective is linked to the Level 2, Primary French Essential Unit – About Ourselves.  Listening tasks supported with additional power point show featuring the activity and native speaker sound files.  Detailed Workbook Guide containing a complete transcript from French to English, with Vocabulary and Grammar Guidance is also included.


Are you looking for additional fun and engaging French activities for children aged 8+? Look no further than our Level 2, Primary French Workbook – About Ourselves! Busy parents and teachers who are eager to teach French will love our great workbook activities that help them save time and effort.

Our themes are presented in manageable learning objectives that plot progression through the topic. In this unit, children will learn:

  1. To identify months of the year.
  2. To say when their birthday is.
  3. To say what presents they received.
  4. To plan a birthday surprise.
  5. To describe their party food.
  6. To describe a birthday celebration.
  7. To write a thank you letter.

Worksheets contain three varied differentiated tasks, which increase in difficulty as children work their way down the page. Word banks, gap-filling activities, scaffold phrases and sentences provide children with reference points which promote writing. There is also a UK and a US spelling version of the workbook, so children can use the English spelling that is right for them. Last, but not least, children can feedback how they are getting along through the smiley face evaluation sheet.

Listening activities are supported by the relevant extracts from the Level 2, Essential French Unit – About Ourselves. These add variety so children can show off what they can do. The Level 2 Primary French Workbook – About Ourselves also features a Workbook Guide with transcripts, answers, and an English translation of all the activities in the Workbook. Grammar Guidance, and a French/English Vocabulary are also included.

Finally, we take pride in our native editors who proofread all our language materials. This makes our resources a trustworthy source for your learning environment.

Looking for more French learning resources? Why not buy the accompanying Level 2, Primary French Essential Unit – About Ourselves? It has a PowerPoint Show to teach every objective explored further in the Workbook with additional fun activities, games and songs. We also have a beautifully illustrated, A4 (letter-size), pupil, vocabulary  Learning Mat along with Class Display (flash/boom cards) available to add those extra finishing touches to a comprehensive and supportive learning environment.

Each Essential Unit component comes with a Single-user licence that is intended for individual use. This can be a tutor, teacher, parent or home educator. It can be used with an individual’s own class or group. However, it is not suitable for schools, tutoring organizations, extra-curricular clubs with multiple venues or local authorities. It cannot be uploaded to a server being accessed by multiple persons and cannot be transferred or sold to another individual.

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