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What We Do

Teaching Resources for Primary French & Spanish

Five Plus Solutions Ltd. offers full teaching resource packages that allow non-specialists to confidently teach French and Spanish from year 3 through to year 6. Our curricula have been designed by experts with decades of experience in the development, implementation and teaching of Primary Modern Foreign Language programmes throughout the UK. We strive to make every lesson informative and easy-to-follow for both the teacher and the student. Five Plus Solutions handles the difficult tasks of class design and planning so you can focus on the teaching.

As teachers ourselves, we understand how busy a teacher’s life can be. Which is why our modules are specially designed to be easy to implement, with little additional effort required. Our lesson plans are so simple to follow, that you can even go over them during the lunch break before your lesson.

Our Packages
Each themed unit progressively builds on previous topics and ideas from earlier in the year to provide a seamless learning experience. Our teaching plans are carefully structured to comply with the new MFL National Curriculum and provide a firm foundation for later GCSE foreign language studies. The schedule for units is colour-coded for efficiency, using blue for Autumn, Green for Spring and Orange for Summer. The theme for each unit is as follows throughout the year:
Autumn 1
“About Ourselves”
Autumn 2
“School Life”
Spring 1
“Home & Family”
Spring 2
“Out & About”
Summer 1
“Holidays & Leisure”
Summer 2
“Wider World

What Does Each Unit Contain?

Each unit has a full collection of teaching resources needed to deliver a stunning KS2 French or Spanish class, including:

Unit Overview

The package contains a detailed overview of the unit, outlining lesson objectives, and key language information for every class. To give you a better sense of our content, the overviews for our units are each contained in our lesson starter packs which are currently available for free here.

Interactive Powerpoints

Each unit includes six interactive powerpoint shows, one for every lesson or learning objective. These presentations include a range of fun listening, reading, speaking, writing and grammar activities that support the four key language skills and New Curriculum emphasis on grammar.

High-Quality Audio, Songs and Games

The powerpoints are also filled with audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing important phrases and vocabulary, bespoke traditional music, songs, raps and a range of exciting whole-class games. The language-learning games include jigsaw, Pictionary, lotto, quizzes and much more.

Classroom Materials

Units include a full-colour classroom display pdf in A4 and A5 format that depicts all the grammar from the classes for classroom display and flashcard purposes. Every unit also contains an illustrated full colour pupil learning mat which details the unit’s vocabulary and grammar on between 1-2 sides of A4.

Lesson Plans

Our succinct plans walk teachers through each lesson screen-by-screen and include a variety of suggestions for class presentation. These include oral games, language and grammar notes, as well as a plain speak vocabulary for all the phrases, pronunciation and grammar concepts in the unit.

Pupil Workbooks

One black and white copiable and illustrated pupil workbook in A3 format, which can be folded to an A4 booklet or single A4 sheets. These workbooks have a worksheet for each learning objective. The worksheets contain three differentiated tasks with a “smiley face” pupil self-evaluation sheet and space for teacher comments.

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Primary Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Teacher Training

Excited to implement our MFL primary learning resources, but not sure where to start? We offer flexible training packages to help you roll-out your foreign language curriculum seamlessly and effectively. From a one-hour consultation to a full-day training session, we provide the perfect solution for any school. Help your staff take full advantage of our interactive units and packages by giving them professional training in every aspect of our curriculum. Our training sessions are available to schools throughout the West Midlands.

Interested in implementing our “Learn as you Teach” approach at your school, but not sure where to begin? Our training packages include our French or Spanish materials and teaching units, as well as in-person training by our qualified staff. With over 25 years of experience in planning, design, and hands-on teaching of KS2 MFL, we have the expertise to ensure that your French or Spanish programme is perfectly implemented.

Premium Primary MFL Training Package with after training language help desk and dedicated school page for resources:

For schools outside the West Midlands, traveling expenses may apply. Please note that VAT is not currently applicable to any of our products.

Shared Primary MFL Training Package

Share your primary training package with other schools, and get more training and teaching resources for less:
Half-Day Session
3 MFL Units - ½ year
Full-Day Session
6 MFL Units - 1 Year
Up to 2 Schools £500 £1000
From 3 to 4 Schools £700 £1 400
From 5 to 6 Schools £900 £1 800
From 7 to 8 Schools £1 100 £2 200
From 9 to 10 Schools £1 300 £2 600

The first 5 delegate packs are free. Thereafter, additional half-day packs are £15.00 per delegate, and full-day packs are £30.00 per delegate.

For more information about our training packages, or to book a session, call us at 0121 707 2724, or email info@learnasyouteach.com

Foreign Language Workshops for Primary Pupils

We provide introductory workshops in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Mandarin to KS2 pupils. These are the perfect addition to any foreign language curriculum, and allow children to really explore, and learn about an additional language. Workshops are currently available to schools throughout the West Midlands. Although we can provide workshops in any of the above languages for any KS2 year group, we recommend and find that the following programme works quite well.

Year 3: Either French or Spanish

Please choose the language that is not offered at your school. This workshop includes greetings, asking and answering questions about your name and the items you would find in a typical school bag.

Year 4: Italian

The topics we cover include common greetings, asking and answering questions about your name, weather phrases, and asking about the weather.

Year 5: Russian

This includes greetings, how to say your name, an introduction to Cyrillic through presenting friends with Russian names, and how to refer to some family members.

Year 6: Mandarin

The Mandarin workshop includes common greetings, asking and answering questions about your name, an introduction to reading and writing characters through identifying natural features such as sun, moon, tree etc.

Our Prices

Primary Language Experience Workshops (Half-Days)

£400.00 for a morning session for up to 3 languages with 3 forms (45 min sessions) along with a 55p per pupil materials charge.

£300.00 for an afternoon session for up to 2 languages with 2 forms (1 hour sessions) along with a 55p per pupil materials charge.

Primary Language Experience Workshop (Whole-Days)

£600.00 for a one form entry school and £800.00 for a two form entry school for up to four different language workshops, one per year group along with a 55p per pupil materials charge. Please note that one person can generally provide up to 4 one hour workshops comfortably, in one school day.
For schools outside the West Midlands, travelling expenses may apply. Please also note that VAT is not currently applicable to any of our products.
To book any of our workshops, or if you are a much bigger school, give us a call at 0121 707 2724, or email info@learnasyouteach.com, and we’ll get back to you.