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Primary Modern Foreign Language (MFL) training

Excited to implement our MFL "Learn as you teach" primary resource packages and training, but not sure where to start? We offer flexible training packages to help you roll-out your foreign language curriculum seamlessly and effectively across KS2. From a one-hour consultation to a full-day training session, we provide the perfect "Learn as you teach" solution for any school. Help your staff take full advantage of our interactive units and packages by giving them professional training in every aspect of our curriculum. Our training sessions are available to schools throughout the West Midlands.
Premium Primary MFL Training Package with after training language help desk and dedicated school page for resources:

For schools outside the West Midlands, traveling expenses may apply. Please note that VAT is not currently applicable to any of our products.​​​​​​​

Shared Primary MFL Training Package

Share your primary training package with other schools, and get more training and teaching resources for less:​​​​​​​
Half-Day Session
3 MFL Units - ½ year
Full-Day Session
6 MFL Units - 1 Year
Up to 2 Schools £500 £1000
From 3 to 4 Schools £700 £1 400
From 5 to 6 Schools £900 £1 800
From 7 to 8 Schools £1 100 £2 200
From 9 to 10 Schools £1 300 £2 600

The first 5 delegate packs are free. Thereafter, additional half-day packs are £15.00 per delegate, and full-day packs are £30.00 per delegate.

For more information about our training packages, or to book a session, call us at 0121 707 2724, or email info@learnasyouteach.com