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We have over 25 years of years of experience both in supporting Senior Management with the implementation of their Primary Modern Languages curriculum and at the chalk face.


Suzanne Webster

Suzanne graduated from Sheffield University in French and Italian. She studied further with the OU gaining qualifications in both Spanish and Mandarin. After starting out as a translator and interpreter subsequent to qualifying as a teacher, Suzanne began running after school primary French and Spanish clubs with Sally for about 12 years in Solihull. Both she and Sally decided to return to teaching.

Suzanne continued on with Hatchford Community Primary school where, for five years, she both taught as a class teacher whilst also looking after the school’s languages from nursery through to year 6.

She also piloted the first “Asset Language “ exams for primary aged children, which is sadly no longer in existence, taking 3 cohorts of year 6 children through the then “Breakthrough” primary French tests.

She then moved into the local authority as the Primary Modern Language Consultant where she worked with schools across the borough supporting teachers with the implementation and design of their modern language curriculum.

She has finally come to rest as the Primary Modern Language Consultant for Five plus solutions Ltd.


Sally Arnold

Sally graduated from Birmingham City University in Education Studies writing her thesis on the implementation of modern languages in KS2.

She started out supporting parents and small children with play schemes before joining forces with Suzanne to run extra-curricular clubs in French and Spanish.

Sally now teaches French and Spanish at Woodrush school as well as working with Suzanne in a training and marketing role for Five plus solutions.