Learn as you Teach | Primary French and Spanish

Online Tuition in Primary French and Spanish – an investment in your child’s future.

With the world becoming ever more global, securing that first graduate job opportunity ever more dependent on being able to speak another language - you may wonder why languages cut such a poor figure in our current primary curriculum. Until the present time, parents have very much been limited to whatever could be provided by their local primary school. The desire to teach modern languages by local primaries has in turn be subsumed by other priorities – such as a drive to deliver their Maths or English programmes more effectively. Alternatively, there simply may not have been enough resources or expertise to provide much more than an “experience of another language” or in some cases to simply not provide it all.

That has changed in the wake of living in these extraordinary times. More and more parents are now becoming aware that, with the development of online visual communication technologies, online tuition for their children has become a real and viable option. We are not just limited to talking over our screens, we can share them - share animated interactive PowerPoint shows or videos and workbooks. We can talk with professional tutors and watch as they move resources around their screens and even write on them as they provide personalised support for the learning of the individual child.

Online Tuition – expanding the horizons of today’s curriculum

Distance is no longer a problem for the modern parent. Help, resources and expertise are available from the online tutor regardless of the location of their student or pupil. What is more, parents are able to expand the subject expertise and even the number of subjects their child is being offered. This expanding of the horizons of our children has already begun in the array of after school clubs and activities available locally. The success of these after school clubs speaks for itself in the desire of parents to provide something for their children that was not on offer at their school. This has now taken another step. Parents are now able to supplement not only physical past-times, but also vital curriculum which might be missing at their schools.

Online Tuition – starting children off in their language learning journey from a younger age.

Should not children be started in learning a modern language from a young age? Yes! Research has shown that children warm to and benefit from a language learning journey that begins in the primary phase. It further reveals that this early start is of considerable importance in enabling young people to embrace higher level studies in languages, as they move into secondary and VI form phases. Online tuition in either French or Spanish at Learn as you Teach can and does provide parents with that missing brick in their child’s early formative education.

Online Tuition at Learn as you Teach – So much more than just an after-school club:

Clubs can only do so much, being limited by both resources and club sizes, not to mention a mixed age range. At Learn as you Teach we provide beautiful, fun and interactive resources, complete with a wide spectrum of games, songs, stories, listening, reading, writing and speaking activities, which are fully supported by a range of native speaking voices.

The learning programme has been specifically designed to delight the 7-11 age group and comes with not just the expectation that language learning should be fun – that for us is a given – it comes further with the expectation that your child will make solid progress and will quickly begin to be able to express themselves in the foreign language. It provides a foundation upon which children can build, such that they are able to fully embrace, enjoy and succeed in higher language learning opportunities and examinations when they become available at a later point in their language learning journey.